Outstanding Contribution Award

Mike Little holds Outstanding contribution award

I was very privileged to be honoured earlier this month  at SASCon 2013. I was presented with the first “Outstanding Contribution to Digital” award for my part in co-founding and developing WordPress.

The press release says: “The award acknowledges Mike’s instrumental role in setting up and developing the first version of WordPress. Teaming up with Texas-born Matt Mullenweg in 2003, the pair created the blogging platform, which has gone on to become the most popular content management system in use on the internet.”

Richard Gregory, one of SAScon’s founders, said:

“ There isn’t a single digital marketing agency that hasn’t made generated income by building WordPress websites, and we are honoured to be able to recognise him with this award.”

Keynote Interview

I was also a keynote speaker at the event where I was interviewed by Richard in front of the conference delegates. I then answered some interesting questions from the audience. The event was video recorded and I hope the interview will be published online at some point soon.

Finally, Richard presented me with the outstanding contribution award with some incredibly kind words. It was quite moving to receive the award which will take pride of place in my office.

3 thoughts on “Outstanding Contribution Award”

  1. Congratulations Mike!
    Very well deserved.
    If I had been clever enough to have created and co-founded the world’s most popular website software, my head would not fit through the door… However, your humble attitude and dignity really does show just what a fine fellow and classy individual you are, Sir!
    Glad to see you are finally getting the recognition you so very much deserve.
    Thank you

    • Hear, hear! and so say all of us. What next… as I heard a lady on his WordPress training say… “he really is like Alan Turing!”

  2. Mike definitely deserves. 100 years from now, history will be a testimony to his contribution and will pay homage. Maybe not a statue though Mike, or maybe, one in Stockport?

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